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Quality music education is vital to students.  Studies have proven that it helps to improve student's academics, health, and social well-being.  Students in the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) have numerous opportunities to participate in music education during their entire school career. 


Our advocacy group, Howard County Parents for School Music (HCPSM), strives to promote high quality music education programs in Howard County schools.  HCPSM works with music educators, students, and the community to accomplish their goals. 

Advocates by engaging with educators, students, and the community to sustain and grow high quality music education. 

Honors the best music educators and music volunteers in our county through award programs.

Provides musical opportunities by collecting and donating gently used musical instruments through the ECHO Project to benefit students in HCPSS.

Promotes various music programs by working with HCPSS and other organizations to highlight music

in our communities.

HCPSM utilizes parent volunteers in each Howard County Public School to serve as leaders and music advocates in their schools.  During the school year, HCPSM conducts monthly meetings with school representatives, music educators, and the community.  Would you like to volunteer?  Email us at:

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